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My slogan says it all: A Moderate Republican Even a Democrat Can Like.® Please think of me as fiscally conservative and socially moderate.  

When I ran for Congress in New York in 2016, I developed bipartisan solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems. In 2020 I ran in the Republican Presidential Primary because I wanted to be in the best possible position to implement those solutions; I didn't win the nomination, but I made it all the way through Super Tuesday receiving over 13,000 votes in California alone!

The national debt is my #1 issue. It’s the greatest threat to our country because, if we're ever attacked on the homeland, we might not be able to afford to defend ourselves. Why?  Because we just can't keep printing money; every time we do, we devalue every existing dollar.  And, we can't keep borrowing from China and other countries because that puts us in a compromised position.

I’m equally passionate about federal term limits. I propose a Constitutional Amendment which would limit every member of Congress, and the President, to one five year term; and, they wouldn’t be eligible for re-election until they’ve been out of office for five years. I’d get it passed by having it take effect 15 or 20 years from now - so no one would be asked to vote themselves out of a job.


Robert Ardini


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