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Other Issues In Brief


1. Climate Change.   More of a global problem than a national one.  We should first be looking to work with the United Nations on this issue.

2.   Federal Minimum Wage.   Keep it at $7.25 as States may raise as they see fit.   A percentage of lower paying jobs are essential to keep some jobs from going to other countries, and to provide employment to the unskilled - such as teenagers.

3.   National Infrastructure.   One of the primary purposes of government.  Spend money on it, but wisely.

4.  Felon Voting Rights.  Restore the right to vote only after sentence has been successfully completed.  But this is really a State issue.

5.  Breaking-up Big Tech.   Periodically revisit laws governing our antitrust policy and adjust as deemed necessary.

6.  Trade Imbalances With Other Countries.  Of course, the more other countries buy from the U.S. the better.   But if we're the richest county, we should expect to be buying more from other countries than they are buying from us.   Tariffs in either direction are bad and should only be used as a last resort.

7.   Electoral College.   It's not a perfect system but better than any other alternative.  However, Electoral Votes should be based on the number of citizens present when the Census is taken, not the number of people living in a given state - to eliminate counting the Undocumented.

8.   Number of Supreme Court Justices.   Let's keep the number at nine.

9.   Gun Control.   This issue is addressed in conjunction with Healthcare in a previous section.

10.   Personal Income Taxes.   This issue is addressed in conjunction with the National Debt in a previous section.

11.  Iran Nuclear Deal.   We should have renegotiated it, NOT reneged on it.

12.  Police Accountability.  Body cams should be required, but this is really a State issue.

13.  Free Public College Tuition.  This is a State issue and is already a reality in nearly 20 states.

14.   Legalization of Marijuana.  Legalize it for a trial five year period, then assess.

15.  Student Loan Debt.   Student loan refinancing and public service loan forgiveness have merit, as well as re-examining the regulations covering private student loans - to be sure young adults are fully aware of the ramifications of the documents they are being asked to sign.  Outright loan amnesty isn't fair to those who would have selected a more expensive school had they known their loan would be pardoned.

16.   Daycare.   Don't look to the federal government to pay for these services; instead, states should be studying how to innovatively incentivize nonprofits (churches, rotary clubs, community centers, etc.) to provide affordable daycare.

17.  Right To Work Laws.   No one should be forced to join a Union but, if they don't, they shouldn't expect to get the same salary, benefits, job security, etc. enjoyed by members.

18.  Reparations.  Right now the government can't afford to pay Reparations to any group.  After we clean up the national debt, perhaps we can re-visit our affirmative action programs and have a conversation about what more can be done to help level the playing field for all Americans.

19.  LGBT.  The recently-introduced Fairness For All Act should be passed.  It would ban discrimination against gay and transgender Americans in a wide array of areas in public life.  However, it also offers exemptions for religious organizations - to ensure people of faith don’t face retaliation if they hold traditional beliefs on marriage and family life.

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